Two Ryanair planes almost collide in the air near Pamplona

Two Ryanair planes almost collide in the air near Pamplona

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Two planes of the Irish low cost Ryanair, one that covered the route between Santiago and Palma de Mallorca, and another that flew from Seville to Toulouse, they were at risk of colliding in mid-flight near Pamplona, Spain, at the beginning of this month of October.

This is indicated by the preliminary report made by the Commission for Investigation of Accidents and Incidents of Civil Aviation (Ciaiac), an independent body linked to the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, which is investigating the circumstances of the events.

A “serious” incident

According to the preliminary report, this incident described as “serious” occurred on the afternoon of October 2, when a Boeing 737-800 of the Ryanair company that was flying towards Palma de Mallorca and another aircraft of the same characteristics that was heading to Toulouse approached to “risk” levels about 30 kilometers from Pamplona, ​​when they were en route.

The airplanes crossed to only 122 meters of vertical separation, according to the report (Rui Vieira / PA Wire / dpa)

The airplanes were “in frequency with the Madrid area control center” when they suffered a “loss of separation” that triggered the warnings of the Anti-collision in Flight system of both aircraft.

According to the organism, the airplanes came to be about four kilometers horizontal separation and only 122 meters vertical separation. When the TCAS RA warning was activated, the crews corrected the trajectory and resolved the incident, continuing until the destination without further mishaps.

In response to questions from the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Ryanair only admitted that they are gathering information on this matter in Dublin, but there is still no official statement about it.

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