Warning strikes at the Deutsche Bahn: What train travelers now need to know

Warning strikes at the Deutsche Bahn: What train travelers now need to know

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What train travelers need to know now

Train passengers in the train station


Rail passengers have to adjust to delays Monday: The Railway and Transport Workers’ Union (ECG) has called for warning strikes.

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  • The Railway and Transport Workers’ Union (EVG) has announced warning strikes for Monday.
  • Rail passengers must expect train cancellations and delays.
  • Depending on the length of the delay, customers are entitled to compensation.



What to do if the train is not driving?

If a train fails due to the strike or if the traveler misses his connection, he can switch to any other train at no extra cost. For offers such as a discount ticket, the train connection is canceled. Tickets for Monday can already be used this Sunday. Train passengers may also change trains if they expect their train to reach their destination with a delay of more than 20 minutes. If the passenger then instead in a more expensive train, for example, in an ICE instead of a Nahverkehrszugs, he must first pay the surcharge, but then the money can be reimbursed in a DB travel center. Country tickets, the Belle Weekend ticket and the cross-country ticket are excluded.

And if I do not want to travel anymore?

If you are affected by the strike, you can have your train ticket and seat reservation reimbursed free of charge in a DB travel center or a travel agency with a DB license. For online tickets, there is an application form on the website of the railway.

Does the train pay compensation for delays?

For delays, there is a legal right to compensation, regardless of the cause. Also in case of a strike, the railway is obliged to. If a passenger arrives at the destination at least one hour late, the railway must refund him 25 percent of the fare. At two hours delay, it is 50 percent. The surcharge for the ICE Sprinter will be refunded from 30 minutes late.

How does the train compensate commuters with season tickets?

From a delay of 60 minutes, passengers with a season ticket will receive a flat-rate compensation per trip. For second-class time tickets in long-distance travel, there are five euros, in the first class 7.50 euros. BahnCard 100 owners receive 10 euros in the second class and 15 euros in the first class.

Strikes often also affect the S-Bahn trains operated by Deutsche Bahn. But in local traffic, train drivers can not expect significant compensation. From 60 minutes late there is a flat rate of 1.50 euros in the second class, in the first 2.25 euros. However, only amounts from four euros will be paid. Public transport customers only receive money from the second or third delay within the period of validity of the time ticket.

How do I claim my compensation?

With the passenger rights form. In the case of delay, this complaint form is often already distributed by the train crew. It is also available in the Deutsche Bahn service centers or online.

Planned and actual itinerary are entered in the form. Original tickets, copies of season tickets and other original receipts must be enclosed. Anyone who has fought through the formalities, can get his compensation directly at the train station in the travel center or in the DB agency.

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