What to do and what to eat in Thailand

What to do and what to eat in Thailand

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1. Koh Chang

East of Bangkok, for example, on Koh Chang with surrounding smaller islands, you meet a Thailand without McDonald’s – unfortunately, the places are getting today. I prefer to go to the lower west coast, below white sand beach and khlong prao. Here are the beaches of Lonely beach where all backpackers hang, and Kai bae with its beautiful beach. Koh Chang means the elephant island, and elephants guided on the beach with touristing children on the back are no unusual sight. Unfortunately, this is an example where the pursuit of revenue sources goes too much over the animals, so let it be.

2. Rod Fai

In Bangkok, there are obviously lots of balla and designed roof bars, but I’d rather recommend going to more Thai-specific places like the big markets. In Bangkok there are many night markets where you buy krippers and gadgets, but above all eat fun, odd and cheap food. Rod Fai is Bangkok’s hipster market, where you can drink local brewed beer in bars of remodeled old cars and buy everything from new nails to fun pastries and chicken stew from street stalls. It has opened one more, a bit smaller and more central.

2. Kai Bae

Overall, my tip is that when you come to a new place, dare to talk to people who seem to have been there for a while. Then you have the chance to hear about little gold grains that might be a little off the beaten track, and you do not discover yourself directly. One such example is the Porn’s restaurant, on the beach Kai Bae on Koh Chang. Just as you’ve followed the beach so far as you think you’ve crossed everything, there’s a fantastic little wooden restaurant, built like a large wooden deck with various plateaus facing the water. The food is delicious and the environment is terribly cozy. ”

Magdalena Kowalczyk has sometimes lived in Thailand.

Photo: Magdalena Kowalczyk

4. Chinatown

Most major cities have a Chinatown, but in Bangkok, the district is a very special experience. It is very rustic, suddenly every sign is in Chinese, the house façades are covered by signs and ankspoon is sold on the streets. It’s terribly messy and full of people, but very cozy. There are plenty of restaurants, but all kinds of food is also sold directly on the street. I think it’s fun to sit on the street and eat and watch the folkmill around and I would recommend all food dishes containing duck.

Find here: Take the subway to Hua Lamphong and walk from there.

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Age: 38th

Family: Yes.

Current: Program leader in TV3’s “luxury trap”.

Therefore Thailand: World Champion in Thai Boxing (2007), who has lived and trained in Thailand for long periods.

5. Hire a moped and see the country

Rent a moped and take you around, especially out on the islands. Drive carefully, but definitely! It is the absolute best way to discover the real life in Thailand instead of sitting behind tinted boxes in a minibus. With mop you have the freedom to stop if you see some fun fruit stands or a nice beach and so on. I would really recommend everyone, except if traveling with children. Nor would I recommend anyone to drive in the city traffic in Bangkok, but rather outside the islands and the countryside.

“Drive carefully but firmly,” says Magdalena Kowalczyk.

Photo: Magdalena Kowalczyk

6. Lonely Beach

Order fruit juices and shakes in the small stands on the street. The fruit of the southern hemisphere has grown in real sunshine and then tastes, so this is a great opportunity to get delicious fruit drinks and to get a good deal of vitamins. Pineapple, passion fruit, mango and banana taste three times more than the fruit we can get in Northern Europe and it is also very cheap, around ten crowns for a huge portion. My personal favorite is the combination banana and pineapple, “hasip hasip”, which means 50/50 in Thai.

7. Test Thai Boxing

If you find a Thai boxing gym when you vacation – live a little! Go there, say you’re a beginner and ask if you can get a passport and learn the basics. No one will let you beat someone else or be hit right away, but trying to hit and kick a bag will give you a better understanding of a sport that grows globally. I was fasting for Thai boxing because it looked so macho cool and hard. However, do not go and watch barfights – it’s a spectacle where full westerners can fight, but nothing has to do with the real sport without just joking the participants.

Find here: Basically everywhere in Thailand – check out the nearest gym when you arrive at your resort.

8. Dare to eat food from the street side

Dare to stay at the ambulatory wagon – the rolling kitchen – and eat the food that is cooked there. That you get more sick there than elsewhere does not matter at all. Rather, it is the opposite, because the food cooked on charcoal or gasol is as heated and fresh as ever. My personal favorites, which I can live on till I die, is like tame, which is a mortar papaya salad that is more or less strong; grilled chicken and sticky rice. The food from the carriages is sold everywhere and it is a taste experience beyond the usual, while it costs less than if you eat a regular lunch at the restaurant.

Try grilled chicken or papaya salad from local street shells.

Photo: Magdalena Kowalczyk.

9. Let yourself be kneaded

Where to go in Thailand, you have to take a massage! The training the Thai massagers have with decades of experience can not compete with the finest diplomas from fleeting European institutes. However, the massagers have incredible knowledge and understanding of how the different parts of the body are connected. For a mocker they can get our Western, stiff, stressed bodies feel better. Thaimassage is a bit more handy and acupressure works on the stiff areas of the body, while oil massage is softer and good for relaxation – it is also nice, but maybe not as healing for the body as thaimassagen. Finally, foot massage is also very nice and relaxing.


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