Xel-Ha, Cancun, Mexico. Mayan Heaven full of Natural Beauties

Xel-Ha, Cancun, Mexico. Mayan Heaven full of Natural Beauties

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What to do in Xel-Ha


Xel-Ha Park

Enjoy from up above all the luster of a new hidden wonder and go down on a waterslide directly into a cenote at typically the new Scenic Lighthouse. Uncover the amazing beauty regarding Xel-Há to appreciate typically the greenery of the fantastic Mayan jungle, the marine life in the inlet in addition to all the shades of azure of the Caribbean Sea with 360° amazing opinions at 131 feet (40 meters) high from where one can capture unforgettable times using the four autophoto points to be able to acquire more than remembrances of your visit to a natural wonder.

Snorkeling is a favorite activity for tourists who visit to the Mexican Carribbean. Inside this Natural Ponder an individual can see more as compared to be able to 90 marine species these kinds of kinds of as angelfish, surgeonfish, damselfish, snapper, parrotfish, grouper, sgt major, a new family regarding rays, pufferfish, some barracudas and typically the queen conch, a safeguarded species of which inhabits the cove regarding Xel-Há.

Xel-Há is an incredible place to explore the crystal clear waters of the Riviera Maya once you are wearing the fins, the life jacket and mask. You will have the opportunity to witness the phenomenon of the halocline and thermocline, a visual and temperature effect resulting from the mixture of the dense sea water with fresh water from the rivers.


River Tours -River Floating is the most complete and fun adventure at the Park. Let yourself flow with its natural gentle current. At the end of the River, continue exploring paths surrounded by jungle, rocks, caves and cenotes.

The Mayan Cave is a covered cenote, making it unique. The further you go into the cave the waters reveal a mysticism of the past. At Xel-Há, the Mayan Cave is considered a sacred place, where water transmits energy through its lighting and natural acoustics, leading to a state of peace and relaxation where small waves echo within this interesting enclosure of Xel-Há.

The first structure from the river to the cove is the Cliff Climb , with cracks and ropes that give the brave the option of a thrilling ascent in anticipation of the jumps that follow.Once the intrepid visitors get to the edge and look down at the river, they will prove their courage if they dare to jump these challenging heights and fall into the refreshing turquoise waters.

At the Trepachanga you can walk over the river between two ropes. Dare to feel emotion and have fun with your friends to see who can cross without falling into the refreshing waters of the river. The Trepachanga consists of walking between two ropes separated and suspended over the river. Crossing this requires a lot of balance, but above all the will to have fun.If you’re feeling crafty and think you have excellent equilibrium, then you will have to make a stop in the River to try your agility in this fun activity and overcome this incredible challenge here at Xel-Há.

Slide down on our Salpichanga and end up in the fresh and crystalline waters of Xel-Há. You can sit in a hammock and feel the speed as you slip along the Salpichanga ropes across the river to finish by splashing in its waters.This fun activity found from the river or from the garden paths, consists of a single circuit with a total of six zip-lines. A hammock and two swings will transport you back and forth. You have to see it to believe it, but this activity is pure adrenaline and fun which always ends in a refreshing splashdown to keep you moving towards the end of the cove.

You will find several bodies of fresh water hidden in the depths of the jungle and flowing slowly in the Xel-Há river. The Ixchel Grotto is a beautiful example of a magical setting where you can get in contact with nature.From a higher perch you can fly towards the inside of the grotto on a rope, mimicking the flight of the Pelican, Chuc Kay. With a bounce off this stone you can dive into the refreshing blue water of the lagoon.

The flight of Chuc Kay is less than a ten minute walk from the starting point of the river, or twenty minutes from the south side of the floating bridge.According to the Mayan legend, the Pelican called Chuc Kay is the Guardian of Air. This charming and friendly bird is native of the Yucatan Peninsula. Have fun with this great activity and feel the adrenaline rush of flying over water, mimicking the flight of the Pelican… fly like Chuc Kay!The cove of Xel-Há Inlet is not only an entrance of the sea to the interior of the continent, but also the mouth of several fresh water channels that make up the longest system of underground rivers in the world.

The Bay of Caprices – The cove itself is a unique adventure, swimming or snorkeling you get to see more than 400 species of plants, animals and fish of different colors and sizes that live freely in this protected ecosystem. This place of gentle currents is home to more than 90 species of fish, including angelfish, parrotfish, surgeonfish, the spotfin butterflyfish, sergeant major, balloon fish, snapper, damselfish and even barracudas. The queen conch is a protected specie that also inhabits this place and which is under careful monitoring by specialists dedicated to their protection and conservation. Turtles and manatees also inhabit the lagoon.

Explore the road less traveled and get lost in the middle of lush vegetation as you reward yourself with a pleasant surprise, a time of relaxation that will take your breath away. The Bay of Caprices is located a few steps from the floating bridge and is the perfect place to relax; a corner of nature where you can fulfill your urge to rest and get some peace.

Mangroves are essential to our ecosystem and Mexico has one of the largest areas of mangrove forests in the world. There are four types of mangroves in Quintana Roo, white, black, red and buttonwood. Mangroves provide home and shelter from extreme weather to a variety of crustaceans, mammals and birds.

Mangroves are essential to our ecosystem and Mexico has one of the largest areas of mangrove forests in the world. There are four types of mangroves in Quintana Roo, white, black, red and buttonwood. Mangroves provide home and shelter from extreme weather to a variety of crustaceans, mammals and birds.

An excellent perspective of the mangrove forest at Xel-Há can be found along the pedestrian path to the river, taking a shortcut that leads to a platform completely wrapped in this stunning vegetation.

Located close to the main service areas, the Children’s World has activities in which the little ones can have fun for hours, such as a wading pool, playground, water slide, rope climb, seesaw, crocodile tunnel, hanging games, water lilies and turtles for photos. Children interested in learning more about Xel-Há and its guardians can get creative with fun activities like painting and drawing.

Hidden deep in the jungle of Xel-Há, there are several fresh water lagoons flowing into the river of Xel-Há. Ixchel Grotto is the perfect example that invites you to adventure, wrapped in a magical setting of shadows, light and clear water.

Mayan Wall – The birds and iguanas, both guardians of Xel-Há, will guide you to a unique site in the heart of this natural reserve, where you will find a historic wall and the inscription which narrates its Mayan past. Explore the first traces of human presence in Xel-Há when visiting the ancient Mayan wall while you enjoy the enigmatic landscape of the jungle.

Xel-Há served as a very important Mayan port city, peaking between the 1st and 6th centuries A.D. but it wasn’t until the 12th century that it reached its greatest splendor when the wall was built to protect the harbor. Xel-Há remained a notable trading port until the arrival of the Spaniards in the 16th century.

Jungle Trails –Walking along the paths of our natural reserve, you will find a selection of phrases and printed reflections along the way. These notes were created by Martha and David Gerstein, taking care of the textures, shapes and colors of this Natural Wonder. The inscriptions were made with the Mayan numerical system and written in the Spanish of our Mexico.

Chacah’s Garden was created to commemorate the celebrities who visit Xel-Há, inviting them to plant a Chacah tree and leave a brief thought for posterity engraved in stone by their tree.

According to a Mayan legend, there were two princes who were the greatest warriors of all time. The younger, Kinich, was gentle and kind and loved by all, while Tizic, the elder, was angry, taking strength from hatred stored in his heart. Both fell in love with the beautiful Nicté-Há and declared a duel to death to win her hand, but both brothers died in each other’s arms. In the spirit world they begged for the forgiveness of the gods and for an opportunity to return to the land of the living to see their beloved Nicté-Há again.

Some of the most beautiful and mystical attractions in the Riviera Maya are the Mayan cenotes, freshwater reservoirs found across the state of Quintana Roo. At Xel-Há you can find two in the heart of the Mayan jungle. The bridge which crosses the Xel-Há river connects the jungle paths, caves and tropical fauna. Following this path, you will find our two Cenotes, Paradise and Adventure, which are protected areas, and swimming is not allowed.

Hidden behind the transportation terminal there is another alternative for reaching the beginning of the river, the bicycle trail of the Land of Huh. With an approximate length of one kilometer, at a moderate pace you can make the trip in 10 or 15 minutes.

There are bikes available for adults and children alike, with adjustable seats, pedal brakes, and bags for carrying belongings. You can ride either from the river station or the terminal station. In this peaceful ride you can encounter coatis, porcupines, and agoutis approaching the path to feed, some shy and others not so much.

At the Lighthouse area on the white sands of the Caribbean, the turquoise sea in the background, you can observe colorful kites sailing through the skies with the help of subtle sea breezes. The entire family can enjoy this fun activity which takes place every day from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Snail Sanctuary-, Full of fresh and salt water, which makes the study of the queen conch even more interesting. This place is safe, silent and protected, away from human exploitation. At Xel-Há various ecosystems you will meet.

The queen conch is an endangered species due to excessive commercial consumption by humans. In some regions of the Caribbean it has already vanished. Xel-Há hosts the program “Protection and Preservation of Queen Conch (Strombus gigas).”

Swimming with Dolphins at Xel-Há park is amazing !

At XelHa , You can swim with them in a priceless experience filled with happiness and learning. Dolphins are friendliest and smiling animals of the sea. You can enjoy with them and watch them playing in their ecosystem.

If you are dolphins fan, this is exactly the best chance to live an adventure that you will never forget.

Discover the underwater world as you walk

Another recommended activity is an underwater activity into the ocean and admire the underwater world, even without knowing how to swim!

You can Walk in the sea by the Sea Trek technology, a helmet that you wear to breathe comfortably while you having fun at the buttom of the sea.

Feel the freedom of exploring the ocean among hundreds of tropical fish.

Amidst the comfort of snorkeling and the freedom of discovering that diving deep offers, creates funny moment magical ambiance . You can rent your equipment of Snuba® Xel-Há gives you all the confort of swimming and breath easily underwater, facilitated by a raft carrying oxygen tank. Into the crystal clear turquoise waters of Xel-Há you can swim among colorful fish and amazing underwater ecosystem and first time seen vegetation.

Best part of this great underwater experience is to meet with great variety of flora and fauna that enriches undersea waters of the Xel-Há cove.

Spa Xel-Há is a really must sea natural experience.

At Xel-Há Park is full of peaceful and mix of luxurious nature. The Spa treatments is consisting perfect applications of physiotherapy techniques and the practices of natural benefits for their visitors. Great for health and stress of daily urban life.

 Jungle of the Riviera Maya! Are you ready to explore it?

Zip-Bike is a fun combination of bikes and zip-lines that You can fly over cenotes and have a great view the caves of Xel-Há. You can cycle above the treetops by beauty of the forest and the animals inhabit in.

You will have nature cycling at a maximum height of 7 meters for 30 minutes. Route is 500 meters in which you can observe from the heights the virgin landscapes  which is actually  dominated for centuries by ancient Maya.

Adrenalina is an adventure where you will find adrenaline in. You will feel the speed with a fast seacraft,  experience full of  sea breeze on your face and scream in excitement with 360° turns at 56 mph. Keep you breath and enjoy especially if you are with your friends. Do not miss this experience if you are a group of friends visiting XelHa.

What to Eat in Xel-Ha

We collect recommended restaurants in Hel-Ha

Jardín Corona Restaurant

You can find many options of grilled meats  in a wonderful environment.

Chulavista Restaurant

Have breakfast within the magical turquoise water and perfect ecosystem of nature. You will find live music and a delicious international buffet. The restaurant has three soft drink machines included one self-service bar , beer and take away service.

La Cocina del Pueblo Restaurant

Mexican atmosphere full of fun with traditional delicacies. Taste of delicious regional buffets.

La Terraza Restaurant

Recharge your energy with a variety of snacks at  fast food buffet in a cool shadow place

Bar del Puente

Enjoy delicious drinks and tropical cocktails within a perfect nature by turquoise sea.

Where to Stay at Xel-Ha

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a haven between from the Mayan jungle, a relaxing luxury resort that the Mexican traditions with a majestic architectural eco-integrator design.

The Suites at Hotel Xcaret Mexico will make you feel special within idyllic landscapes.

For more information please visit www.xelha.com/

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