Yellow West protests on weekend: What Paris travelers need to know

Yellow West protests on weekend: What Paris travelers need to know

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On Saturday, the “yellow vests” are back on the streets of France. Especially Paris fears new riots. Attractions such as Louvre, Eiffel Tower or Musée d’Orsay as well as many metro stations close. An overview.

The “yellow vest” protests
also have an impact on tourism, which is an important economic pillar of France: for safety reasons, important sights and streets in Paris will be closed on Saturday, as rallies are once again feared in announced demonstrations. If you visit the city, you should consider an alternative program to the classic routes.

Travelers should pay attention to this in Paris:

  • Capital visitors need to visit the Eiffel tower, the Opera or some museums – including the world famous Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay – refrain. In addition, among other things, the Pantheon, the towers of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palais Royal remain blocked, said the French National Monument Authority on Friday. Tourists should inform themselves in advance on the websites of the Parisian museums.
  • Especially on the world famous boulevard Champs-Elysées and around the triumphal arch Riots are expected. The police prefecture has ordered shops and restaurants to barricade their entrances to avoid looting and window-blinds like last Saturday. Also in the noble Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré at the Elysée Palace, the headquarters of President Emmanuel Macron, are feared riots. Other focal points could be the area around the historic opera, Concorde Square and Bastille Square.
  • Like last weekend, some might Metro stations close in the center of Paris. Among other things affected was the much used by tourists line 1, the tourist attractions such as the Louvre anfährt. Current information is available on the website or in the mobile app of the local transport provider RATP, also in German. Those who explore the city on foot – such as the car-free Seine embankment, around the Notre Dame Cathedral or in the traditional student quarter Latin Quarter – should, as a precaution, avoid areas where people converge in the yellow west.
  • The Foreign Office For the time being, Berlin does not recommend traveling to Paris or other French cities. In the current travel advice It says: “Demonstrations, especially in the city center of Paris and therefore with disabilities, can be expected especially on weekends.” As long as there is no travel warning, tourists stay in case of cancellation if necessary sitting on costs.

Even football games are canceled

The “Yellow West” have been demonstrating against planned tax increases on gasoline and diesel since mid-November – but now the protest is much more general and directed against the government and President Emmanuel Macron.

Last weekend demonstrations led to serious riots. “Yellow West” fought street battles with the police. More than 400 people were arrested. More than 200 Parisian shops were heavily damaged or looted. The city administration alone estimates the damage to the infrastructure to three to four million euros.

According to Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, 8,000 security forces are deployed in the capital alone this coming Saturday, with a total of around 89,000 in the country. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told a press conference that there are “ultra-violent” people who wanted to participate in the protests. He calls for not demonstrating in Paris on Saturday. It was not forbidden to demonstrate – though demonstrators would not fall into the trap of thugs.

With a view to possible new riots also several football matches were canceled or postponed. These include Friday’s fixture between AS Monaco and OGC Nice, as well as Saturday’s top match between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and HSC Montpellier and the match between Toulouse and Lyon. According to AFP, the policemen scheduled for the games are instead to be used in the demonstrations of the “yellow vests”.

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